🔥 2021 Elite Dangerous Mining and Money Making Game Balance In Elite Dangerous

In this video I discuss mining, money and 2021 Elite Dangerous game balance. Currently the best Elite Dangerous money making is generated from the ultimate source. It’s 2021 Elite Dangerous Mining. All other methods to make money in Elite Dangerous pale in comparison.

What we need most of all is an Elite Dangerous game balance that happens to do with our ways we make money. I’m not talking about nerfing mining or anything like that. What I would like to see is a little more danger and uncertainty to the monotony that is Elite Dangerous Mining. The very best possible way to make money have zero risk verses reward.

Combat and anti Xeno which are the most dangerous professions pay the very least for time invested. If you want decent game progression in Elite Dangerous you will need to do mining, or at the very least passenger missions.

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