Archeage top 6 money making things in fresh start servers 3.0

Archeage top 6 money making things in fresh start servers 3.0 version!

Here is the top 6 thing to make you rich in the 1st few days of the new server in my opinion.

1. Ocean trade pack runs/ build a clipper
2. Farm and build a house to farm more
3. Build 1 profession up only
4. Leveling to 50+ fast farm auroria mobs
5. Illegal/hidden farm hunting look for Thunderstruck
6. Gilda stars selling.

some trade pack info for the 16×16 scarecrow this is not current for 3.0 but it should be very similar for 3.0 but the recipes in these regions have changed slightly

Here is generally what you should expect to do to get your large crow now

Blue Salt Brotherhood Questline Changes
Adventurers and future farmers,

As you have probably noticed since Dread Prophecies launched, the questline involving the Blue Salt Brotherhood NPCs has changed. The previous quests involved in getting the Scarecrow Farm Design and donkey mount are no longer able to be completed since ArcheAge Version 1.7 Build 6.0 hit the live servers late last month.

Once you’ve completed A Garden of Your Own which grants the Scarecrow Garden Design at level 10, you must start and complete the Choosing a Path quest to open up the Scarecrow Farm Design and donkey mount questline. Be sure to note that your character must be level 30 to be eligible for the donkey and Scarecrow Farm Design quests.

The new Blue Salt Brotherhood questline after Choosing a Path is:

Trade Run: Lilyut to Dewstone (from Blue Salt Trading Guide NPC in Windshade)
Trade Run: Dewstone to Solzreed
Trade Run: Solzreed to Austera
Trade Run: Tigerspine to Mahadevi (from Blue Salt Trading Guide NPC in Anvilton)
Trade Run: Mahadevi to Austera
Trade Run: Austera to Solzreed
To help you find the Blue Salt Trading Guide NPC, talk to NPC Tasha in Solisa (in Halcyona) to take her A Master of Trade quest at level 30 and be guided to either Windshade or Anvilton. You’ll need to first complete Choosing a Path to see this quest.