Black Desert Online – AFK Money Making Guide 10-40 M Silver/Day

Wanna know how to make between 10 and 40 million silver per day while doing nothing? You came to the right place!

Welcome to my Black Desert Online Guide on how to make between 10 to 40 MILLION SILVER PER DAY in Black Desert while being AFK, and letting your workers do all the hard work!

I’ve recently picked up BDO again in 2017, gotten my Awakening weapon for my Wizard, as i felt like i missed a proper MMORPG to play again! This video basically explains how you can make money with little to no effort!

I hope you’ll enjoy my video! This is my third ever guide/video, and hopefully you guys will like the video! There is ofcourse editing errors, cringy commentary, etc.

I want to personally thank TheLazyPeon for being an amazing inspiration to me, and making me feel comfortable enough to actually sit down and create this video!

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