Branded Dropshipping: How It Works And How To Make Money With It In 2020 (Step By Step)

What is Shopify branded dropshipping? How does it work? And what is the best way to make money with it in 2020? A complete video explanation of the branded dropshipping strategy, including valuable advice to succeed with building a successful and profitable Shopify eCommerce store.

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I’ll be explaining exactly what branded dropshipping is… and why it’s the BEST strategy to make money with Shopify in 2020.

I personally used this strategy to build a Shopify store and brand that made $1M in 6 months this year.

Why is branded dropshipping the best strategy for Shopify?

Answer: It’s the ONLY way to build a real, long term eCommerce business with Shopify and also the best strategy to maximize your chances of success of quitting your 9-5 job and achieving freedom with your online eCommerce business.

The most successful stores in the world (MVMT Watches, BlendJet, Gymshark) all use the branded dropshipping strategy and have used it since the beginning to reach massive success and millions and millions of dollars in sales.

I developed this strategy personally earlier in 2019 because I was frustrated at how Shopify was being taught by people on the Internet…

There were massive problems with the ‘old way’ of dropshipping:

– 2-3 week shipping times (extremely long)
– No real brand on the product
– Constantly having to test hundreds of products before finding a winner
– Building ‘general’ stores that have no real value

Branded dropshipping solves all of these, and turns Shopify into a real business.

– 2-3 day shipping
– Logo + custom branding on your products
– Emphasis on customer service and experience
– Focus on only selling 1-3 products per brand, no wasting time testing products.

I created this tutorial after I made my super long (2 hours+) COMPLETE Shopify tutorial.

You guys asked me for a more in depth video on branded dropshipping, so here it is…

This video contains all of the information you need as a beginner to start a successful branded dropshipping store with Shopify – and build a real worldwide 6-7 figure eCommerce business that sells products that provide real value to people.

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4:14 What is branded dropshipping?

4:50 Why branded dropshipping is the best Shopify strategy

6:46 Examples of success with branded dropshipping

8:09 How exactly does it work? What are the steps?

13:40 How to get fast 2-3 day shipping, and a logo + fulfillment centers

18:03 Profit margin explanation, what to aim for

19:10 How to scale a successful store

19:55 Common questions

29:17 Final valuable tips for success


I will respond to every single comment on this video, so feel free to ask me any questions that you have with Shopify, running ads, setting up your store, picking products – I’m here to help!

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