F2P MONEY MAKING METHODS OSRS 2018 (That Will Always Work) PART 2!

Part 1:

GE tracker make mills on the GE!

Part 2 of 5 F2P Money Making methods (That will always work) in OSRS.

You guys showed a lot of good feedback and a lot of requests for a part 2 so here it is! F2P is honestly a struggle when it comes to making money in oldschool rs. With the release of mobile on the way, tons of new player will flood in wondering how to make gp. That is the main objective of this video, to help those and current players.

Song: Limes – Moonbeams (lofi NCS)

If you want a part 3 let me know, always down to help the f2p community! These f2p Money Makers are sure to never stop working as they all have huge purposes in OSRS.

Almost 15k subs, you guys are insane! Thanks so much for the support guys and make sure to check out my other content!