How to Make Money With Facebook Ads for Beginners to Experts

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5 of the most important parts to Get Cheaper traffic from Facebook Ad platform, Pay close attention to these points and apply them to your Ad campaigns and you are sure to see some winning ads.

Author: Ray H

Facebook Golden Tactic number one: image is everything
As part setting up any Facebook ad campaign a good image required, this is an area where many advertisers fail to understand the key importance of what an image plays with inside your campaign, you don’t want to settle for any old image you want to make sure. that you’re image stands out and it fits within inside the dimensions of the image area.

Your image is an essential part from marketing strategy and if you get it right it will allow you to connect with your customers and allow you to create the greatest impact with your audience and best prospects.

Facebook Golden Tactic golden tactic number two : you will not win targeting to the majority. In order to see success with your ads and to make a high return on investment on your campaigns targeting plays a big part, for example if I was to run a campaign and I want to target people that are interested in wine, If typed in wine, it shows it has an audience of 8,900,000 and just by selecting wine it gives us an estimated reach of over 400,000 people, this is not the best practice when targeting your areas of interest. Most people on the Facebook Ad platform are doing multiple word dumps, their interests are un targeted and too generic. You want to use the Facebook search box and typing your keywords and see which fanpages come back relating to those keywords and then you can go and like those pages and use those as precise interests when using your targeting. And each fan page seems to have it own bid price, and most people I’m not doing micro niche targeting, their just typing in a word like wine and targeting everything underneath that category and this is possibly a reason why they are not receiving the highest conversions with their ads.

In order to see maximum results from your campaign the best strategy is to develop a landing page to match the keywords that you target. This way you will definitely see an increase in conversions.

Facebook Golden Tactic number three: Split Test and Maximise your return. Now running any campaigns on Facebook one thing to sure is that you split-test your campaigns that means taking one campaign and splitting up into several different parts, so you could have one image and then you could duplicate the image onto another campaign and use a different title and different body text but keep on using the same image. Then you could duplicate that again use the same title and the same body text but changed image around. What happens here is you start to see which add is more effective with your audience, and therefore you can keep on scrapping out the ones that are not doing well and you can move over to the ones that are performing well and you can split them again. So make sure that you split test and find out that winning campaign.

Facebook golden tactic number 4 capture the lead.

I’ve noticed that many marketers fail to do this. They are not capturing the leads when running any of their Facebook campaigns. You should try to capture the lead of every single person that clicks on your Ad with the help of autoresponder services if you’re not doing this within your campaigns you’re seriously needing money on the table. And once you capture the lead that comes by clicking on your ad you can reach your customers by just sending out the single message whether its an email or as status update on your fanpage and in effect it can save you lots of money down the line.  

Now for example if I was to run an ad on the Google ad network and I wanted to reach 50 people and they were charging me one dollar click it would cost me $50 to reach 50 people and lets say we’re using Facebook Ad platform and we’ve run a campaign where 50 people have clicked on our Ad and if we are collecting the leads, those leads of those 50 people would then be saved into our database and we can then follow up with those 50 people are sending out a simple message an email and it will go out to those people and we won’t have to spend $50 in future.

So this is something essential that you should be doing inside all of your campaigns.