Old school Runescape – The best f2p money making guide part1

Hey guys this is my first video hope you enjoy it.
here i will post some useful info about the guide

Keep in mind i made this video in November 2015 so in the further prices can change. good luck!

use this rs 07 map if you ever get lost or want to know any location that i’m at in this video

method 1:
buying the hammers and chisels can make you some nice cash to start off. when to stock runs out just hop to a new world.

method 2:
crafting the amulets is easy all you need is lvl 8 crafting if you don’t have that do the quest sheep shearer for some fast starting exp

a mold can be bought at the ge

method 3:
grabbing the wines is really nice if you can find a emery world also you get some mage ex. not much to it just full up your inventory bank and repeat

method 4:
buying and opening feather packs is one of the best f2p money makers atm. you can even try to sell the featers for 4 gp ea. this will take longer tho so as long as you sell them for 3 gp you are good to go

method 5:
smiting the steel bars can be done at lvl 30 smiting.
if you are not lvl 30 yet do the knigth sword quest

this will get you from lvl 1 to lvl 29.

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