RuneScape Money Making – Money Making Guide 2012 : 2m-5m per hour

Welcome to my up-to-date RuneScape money making guide. In this guide, I go through unique methods that cap at up to 5-6 million coins per hour. Yes, it’s possible!

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RuneScape Money making guide 2012
up-to-date runescape money making guide

One of my goals for this video is to display methods that aren’t your standard, run-of-the-mill money makers. I didn’t want to show things like dragon killing, because everyone knows how to kill dragons, and everyone knows that they’re good money. Instead, I use unique methods that either I thought up of by myself or that not a lot of other people do.

Another one of my goals is to make this guide accessible to all. Some methods in this video will be out of reach for lower-combat players, so apologies for that, but I tried to split the guide into low-level methods, medium-level methods, and high-level methods. There is also one F2P method.

Finally, for those skillers out there, there are a couple of methods that you can make use of – one of which is a very good money maker!

Best of luck!