Stardew Valley – ADVANCED TIPS | How to Make Money and Iridium Guide

Advanced tips to help you in Stardew Valley. If you liked this video, be sure to like and subscribe for more.

In these Stardew Valley advanced tips, I show you how to pick the best crops for making money in all seasons for 1.1. We also go deep into Skull Cavern to get lots of iridium.

Stardew Valley Tips Series, including intermediate and advanced tips:

Terraria Top 10 Tips!:

Stardew Crop Profits Calculator:
TheMazi’s Stardew Valley Fishing Guide:
JimDread’s Stardew Valley Relationship Guide:

UPDATE! Mega Bombs are for sale from the Dwarf in the mine, if you have him unlocked. They are 1,000 a piece, so still much more expensive, but far better than making them yourself if you have the money. Bombs still work great at 600G from the Dwarf, but go Mega if you have the extra cash.