Top 4 Reasons You're Broke In RuneScape – OSRS Money Making Tips 2018

Instead of just throwing random money making tips out at you, I want to show you the true difference between those rich players, and those poor players in Old School RuneScape.

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Top 4 Reasons Why You’re Broke in Runescape – RuneScape Money Making 2017

1) Don’t invest enough time into skilling
2) Waste your time doing pointless money making methods
3) Not doing daily money making techniques
4) You do not quest

Hey everyone, Rargh here. I get asked a lot “Hey Rargh, how do you have so much money in Runescape? How did you afford 99 construction, 99 herblore and 99 crafting. Now, I could sit here all day and list ways how you could make lots of money per hour, but instead of that, I’d rather teach you the fundamentals behind making money. Now I’m not saying you’re going to get super rich off this, but follow these tips and I guarantee you will see your bank gradually grow over time.

1) Don’t invest enough time into skilling

I get it, some people hate skilling. You might be asking yourself why you’re even skilling in the first place when there is no current gain to be made. Think of skilling as an investment. You put in time now, you get a ton of money back later. And hey, it helps make your stats look nice and fancy, too. RuneCrafting, Hunter, slayer and thieving are all skills with extremely little to no money making at low levels, and it’s a large reason why you see so many people refusing to train them. All those skills I just mentioned all have the possibility at making high volumes of money at medium to high levels, all surpassing over 1M/h. Please please, show your skills more love.

2) Don’t waste time doing pointless money making methods.

What is a pointless money making method? That is a method where the only benefit to doing it is to get money, and it doesn’t help you in any other areas of your account. To get an idea of these methods, they include collecting blue dragon scales, decanting potions, picking mort myre fungus. Now, these methods are great to get some starter cash, but you should never do them long term. There is absolutely no long-term benefit on your account and this reduces modivation. Think about this. Which are you more likely to grind for 3 hours. A 700k/h money making method with no xp gains, or a 700k/h money making method that also grants you 50k/h in thieving? No brainer, right?

3) Not doing daily money makers

This one is self-explanatory, but it baffles me why people don’t do this. Daily’s are a quick way to make easy, quick cash, with almost no effort put in. I have the Varrock elite diary completed, and that means I can make 200-250k a day doing ONE minute of work. Nope, I am not kidding. Oh hey, check it out, having good skills payed off yet again. Farming is another example. Let’s do a quick calculation. Let’s say you make 80k a farm run. If you do two runs a day, that’s 160k a day, 1.1M a week, and 58M a year. Not bad for 15 minutes of farming, am I right? Add that to the average of 225k made a day from my boy zaff, and you’re making an extra 82M a year. See how much potential money you could be making?

4) You don’t quest

Don’t be the guy who tries to kill bandos in a combat bracelet, ultimate strength, and didn’t want to spend 4 hours getting a fighter torso. Invest time into your account to unlock items and quest locations to help progress your account. Not having proper equipment significantly limits you on certain bosses you can kill and other fantastic money making methods. When the bosses become harder, you lose motivation, and next thing you know, you’re begging at the grand exchange.

That’s all guys, I really hope you find these tips helpful and put them to good use. Always keep them in the back of your mind. Thank you for watching. If you liked the video, make sure to tap the thumbs up and hit that subscribe button. Thanks for watching.